Jun 4, 2016

Spring Break

 Spring break!
Nick's vacation schedule coincided with spring break! We decided to make the most of it and travel. Since we are going to the West Coast we have to fill up that East Coast bucket. We started with Niagara Falls. Last time we were here Ali was just a toddler and Kat was an infant. Our family has grown a bit since then. Especially Ali! That girl is like a weed.
We decided to splurge and go on the Maid of the Mist. If you are going to Niagara, I'd definitely recommend it.
 Max was not too thrilled.
The older ones LOVED it!
  Rainbows everywhere!
 After the boat ride we walked around the top to dry off. The girls loved scaring Nick by going close to the edge. He does not like heights.
Then we made a trip to the aquarium there. 
Print shop that printed the first Books of Mormon. The older ones thought it was very cool to see an old printing press. Max...not so much.
 Sacred grove. For us Mormons, this is a pretty cool place.
The next weekend, we drove south. We made it to Philadelphia, to see Abuelito! Four Pulham men. (can you find Jack?)
 Next up, Washington DC! A bit of Lincoln.
 A bit of Ali
Maybe a bit more of Ali
 Vietnam Memorial.
 The Air and Space museum.
 And of course, we had to visit their future home.
 Once we got back home, it was all relaxation time. 
 Oh, and my brother Albert and his wife, Ashley visited! They stayed for 3 days, but this is the only picture I have of that visit; 3 shirtless boys playing in dirt/sand.

Mar 27, 2016

Happy Easter Everyone!

 Searching for eggs in freezing weather!
I liked both of these, so I wanted to post them both.

Feb 29, 2016

Christmas, Valentine's and more.

  My post is very up to date, as usual. In a short synopsis...
 Kat lost her too front teeth. Just in time for Christmas.
 We visited Philadelphia and saw the parade.
 We cut down a Christmas tree,
 and then decorated it.
 Met with Santa. Jack was very serious about Santa this year. He somehow figured out about presents from the big guy and did NOT want to miss out.
 Gingerbread house!
 Ali got glasses!
Valentine's love. The bear was from Ali's Valentine, but the flowers were from mine.

Dec 22, 2015

First concert

Ali has been learning the clarinet. Today was her first concert. Mozart and Beethoven watch out.

September, October and November.

 Max turned one!

In order to properly celebrate, I made sure to post this WELL after the fact. His birthday is September 30th, so this was a while ago. I made a collage of baby pictures. These are my one year olds. All four of them.

Can you tell who is who? 
I wish (looking back) that I had just strapped them in somewhere and taken a picture of just their face, but wishes and wants...

I also want to celebrate Jack's birthday properly, so I made sure to post this late too.
His birthday is Nov. 8th, so only a month and a half too late.
To make up for it, here is a picture of his fun party.
And just because my girls are so cute. This was taken in October, so now, with Max's birthday in September and Jack's in November, you are all updated on the Pulham happenings. Next post, December update.

Aug 27, 2015


 Summer has been great this year! Here is an overview:
We did lots of swimming in our new pool.
 Cousins came to visit!
 We took them to see Yale. (Dominic must be a Harvard man.)
We threw rocks in a lake.
 And caught some snails.
 The splash pad was lots of fun.
 We took loads of walks with popsicles.
 The beach.
 On our Boston trip we visited the Children's Museum, where I lost some children in this big net thing. Can you find them for me?
 Jack and Kat performed in a play
 And, of course, visited Jim.
 We saw some dinosaurs
 And discovered a waterfall.
For two of the weeks this summer, Ali and Kat spent some time in California...being spoiled.
 They loved it.
 They especially loved it because they love this family of ours.
 Oh, and Disneyland.

 Now back to the real world. School starts.
 I think they are happy about that. 
Ali is in 4th grade
Kat is in 2nd grade
Jack is starting Pre-K.